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Marantz Mod.Nr-1501

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Small Chassis, Big Sound Quick . . . where are you going to put that surround sound receiver? Under a coffee table? In a closet? Maybe in the next room? Alright, we're exaggerating a bit. But you get the point. Most surround receivers today are huge. They take up a lot of space. Yes, you can opt for a "compact" system with sub-par performance. But why compromise? Marantz's NR1501 answers your needs for both décor-friendly size and superb performance. That's because the NR1501 includes everything you need in a chassis that fits comfortably on a normal shelf or in a standard cabinet. It's just a bit more than 4" high and 13" deep so there's plenty of room for the cables you'll need to connect it to your flat-screen TV, a Blu-ray player, cable box, your favorite game console, a surround speaker system, and more. Good Looks & HDMI 1.3 capable The NR1501 looks the part, too, thanks to a contoured front panel that combines aluminum and glass-reinforced resins for maximum shielding, dimensional stability, and sophisticated styling. Behind that panel are the features you need to enjoy the best home entertainment sources today. To begin with there are four HDMI inputs, all version 1.3-capable, of course. That means you'll enjoy both today's – and tomorrow's – video sources with stunning clarity and definition. The HDMI inputs are part of a comprehensive system that goes beyond mere switching capability. Advanced Surround & Connectivity That's because the NR1501 includes decoding for advanced audio formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio, to name just a few. The NR1501 doesn't forget older sources either. There's a built-in video A/D converter so you can enjoy your favorite composite and component videos on your flat-screen TV through the HDMI input. And a wideband 3-in/1-out component switcher for analog-only connections. As you might expect from Marantz, the audio circuitry matches the video side for sophistication. The carefully-optimized audio signal path rests on a separate circuit board for maximum performance as well as isolation from the spurious interferences generated by high speed video processing.The very efficient seven channel in-line amplifier benefits from voltage feedback for enhanced linearity. Easy Automatic Setup The NR1501 makes it easy to get the best high definition sound to your ears with an automatic calibration process that: Identifies your system's speaker complement Measures the distances between your speakers and your favorite viewing/listening position for the most accurate delay settings Adjusts relative speaker levels for the most natural surround effects Determines the proper speaker crossover settings for the smoothest transition from your wide range speakers to your subwoofer Analyzes your room's acoustic properties and corrects for their often-negative impact on the sound you hear Let's not forget the handy front panel 3.5mm connector that lets you add your iPod or other portable device as another source of enjoyment. Or the on-screen display menu that makes system setup a breeze. And a full-function Glo-key remote includes preset codes for Marantz Blu-ray players so you can operate the heart of your system without searching for another remote. The Marantz NR1501. Fully in touch with your expectations. And fully Marantz MULTI CHANNEL/SURROUND Number of Channels 7 ch Amp. 7.1 ch Processing THX - DTS HD Master e High Res. Audio/ES/96/24/ Discrete e Matrix6.1/ Neo:6 Dolby True HD/Digital Plus&EX/ Pro Logic IIx DSD(SA-CD)/NEURAL - / - SRS - SOUND ENHANCEMENTS Current Feedback Topology Discrete Amplification Yes Power Transformer EI D/A Conversion 192kHz/24-Bit Digital Signal Processing 32-Bit Video Off (Pure Direct) - Source Direct Yes Chassis Slimline, Steel Variable X-over Yes Video Up-conversion Video/Component to HDMI Auto Calibration by MIC M.R.A.C.(Marantz Room Accoustic Caliblation) AM/FM Tuner 1