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Rane Crossover Elettronico Mod.Ac-22d

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Rane Crossover Elettronico

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The AC 22S can be either a Stereo 2-Way or Mono 3-Way crossover. To keep operation simple, remember this: Labels above the controls refer to the 2-Way Stereo mode. Labels below the controls refer to the 3-Way Mono mode. The fact that the AC 22S is a multiple function unit means the outputs are switched around depending on the SYSTEM MODE and SUBWOOFER switches on the back of the unit. To operate the AC 22S in Stereo 2-Way mode, be sure that the Mode switch is set for STEREO 2-WAY. Follow the labels above the controls and jacks. When operated in the Mono 3-Way mode, the switch should be set in the MONO 3-WAY position. Follow the labels below the controls and jacks. In Mono 3-Way mode the Channel 1 High Output is unusable. This output is the high-pass-only portion of the midrange filter. The Channel 1 High Level and the Channel 2 Master Level are also defeated on the front panel. In agreement with IEC and AES/ANSI standards, AC 22S wiring convention is pin 2 Positive, pin 3 Negative (return), pin 1 chassis ground. See the “Sound System Interconnection” RaneNote included with this manual for more information on cabling and grounding requirements.