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Pioneer Mod.Cdj-1000

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The Pioneer CDJ-1000 was the first CD Turntable released and changed the face of DJing. Although many newer versions have come out since, the CDJ-1000 are still a solid choice for any DJ. With the Pioneer CDJ-1000, Pioneer has made a CD Turntable so versatile and reliable that it can even impress the most die hard vinyl fans. Some may be skeptical but we assure you that the Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD Turntable is all its cracked up to be. Living up to the name "CD turntable", the Pioneer CDJ-1000 allows complete hands-on control of the track, from beat juggling to intense scratching and slow wind downs (turntable brake). In addition to nearly perfecting all the aspects of a turntable, the Pioneer CDJ-1000 has features and options that can take DJing to a level unattainable on standard decks. First of all, the Pioneer CDJ-1000 will never skip, ever. Second, purely digital functions such as programmable cues, key control, sampling, and seamless loop allow unprecedented control over mixes. When it comes down to it, Pioneer's CDJ-1000 combines the hands on control formerly only found on turntables with the digital effects exclusive to CD decks. Features & Specs Hot Cue (Sampler) The CDJ-1000 Memorizes up to 3 cue point’s per CD. These points can then be recalled by hitting either of the A B or C buttons. This function can also be used like a mini sampler for vocals, stabs, or breaks. Reverse Function Instant reverse is controlled by using a flickable switch. With no loss of tempo or pitch, it can be used immediately within any track without having to stop or start. Real Time Seamless Loop A quick and simple way to set a loop while a track is playing. Once the loop is set, it can then be looped continuously or until the ReLoop / Exit button is pressed. The seamless loop on the CDJ-1000 also has the ability to adjust the loop in/out points after they are stored in memory. MultiMediaCard and Built-in Memory The CDJ-1000 has a memory feature that let’s you store Wave Data as well as Cue and Loop points. The data can be stored on a removable memory card (MMC) or the players internal memory (Multimedia Card (MMC) is not supplied with the CDJ-1000.) Jog Wheel 7 pollici jog wheel is designed to emulate the control characteristics of a vinyl turntable. Pitch blend allows manual speeding up and slowing down of the track tempo. The CDJ-1000 can be set in either Vinyl or CDJ mode. In CDJ mode, the jog dial functions just like a Pioneer CDJ player, but without the touch sensitivity. When the CDJ 1000 is in vinyl mode, the top of the jog dial functions just like a Vinyl Turntable. Pressing down stops the music and allows you to scratch or cue your track by rotating the jog dial in either direction. Adjustable start and stop. Master tempo locks the pitch while changing speed. Tempo control ranges of +/-6%, +/-10%, +/-16% and +/-24% with reset button Reads CD, CD-R, and CD-RW. Fader Start Beat Counter