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Description The Acoustic Research AR-6 is designed to achieve the maximum performance available in a speaker of moderate cost. An indication of the success of the design is the unusually accurate bass response and lack of coloration of the AR-6, even when compared to systems that are more costly. The most unusual characteristic is the woofer, which has used the parameters of voice-coil size and length, magnetic circuit, diaphragm weight, and suspension to yield maximum theoretical performance. This technique permits the manufacture of a bass speaker with extended response and power-handling ability that occupies no more space than a conventional 203 mm (8 inch) speaker. The high-frequency speaker in the AR-6 is a 32 mm (11/4 inch) design built especially for the AR-6. Its small size provides outstanding dispersion even at very high frequencies. The 178 mm (7 inch) depth of the AR-6 adapts it ideally to shelf placement. Specifications Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system Recommended Amplifier: 100W (maximum) Crossover Frequency: 1800Hz Impedance: 8 ohm Bass: 1 x 203mm acoustic suspension Tweeter: 1 x 32mm cone Dimensions: 305 x 495 x 178mm Weight: 9.1kg PREZZO PER COPPIA


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