Kef Mod.Iq-10

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2 vie reflex - UNI-Q woofer 130mm/tweeter 19mm - 100 W / 8 ohm - 50Hz÷40kHz - da scaffale - sens. 88 dB - mm 301x175x261 - peso 4,5 kg - schermatura magnetica For smaller rooms or where space is at a premium, the new iQ10 proves that size isn’t everything. With the sensational new 130mm (5.25in.) Uni-Q® coincident driver array in a reflex-ported cabinet, the calibre of its acoustic performance is out of all proportion to its modest dimensions. Transitions between the natural-sounding high frequencies, refreshingly open midrange and hefty extended bass are impeccably fluent. As satellite speakers in a 5.1 system, they’re beguilingly descriptive and realistic, creating an engrossingly intricate three-dimensional soundscape that adds real depth to the viewing experience. Musical, efficient and transparent, iQ10 is a minor miracle of audio engineering that gives you the listening pleasures of KEF’s latest technology at a gratifyingly modest price. DISPONIBILE SOLO NELLA FINITURA NERO PREZZO OFFERTA PER LA COPPIA Solo 2 coppie disponibili


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