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Offerta numero: 5317 Tipo: Offerta di apparecchio usato, hi-fi usato
Listino:  Vendita: €300
DUAL foto

With its three heads and true source/tape monitoring ability, the C 830 will have special appeal to the most serious recording enthusiast. The incoming signal can be instantly compared with the signal actually recorded on the tape.

The Direct Load and Lock system begins the entire recording and playback process by assuring perfect cassette alignment. The four-point tape guidance system assures perfect contact between the tape and heads.

Recordings from discs, broadcasts and other tape recorders can be mixed with the microphone inputs - line and microphone each having its own record-level controls. Headphone monitoring is made more convenient by an independent level control for this output.

The drive system has an extra touch of precision - a phase-locked-loop in the servo control system which reduces wow and flutter to only 0.035 percent. An integral frequency generator provides instantaneous corrections of any deviation from accurate speed. Perfect tape to head alignment is assured by the four-point guidance system. And the electronic sensor constantly monitors the tape tension so that any deviation instantaneously stops the transport.

As you've probably learned from experience, no matter how careful you are when making recordings, especially off-the-air, there are occasional unexpected interruptions and abrupt endings. Since cassettes are not easily edited, you invariably have to live with those unwanted sounds or try to erase the tape at just the right points - assuming you can locate them.

Dual's electronic fade/edit system lets you fade out unwanted materials during playback - while you're listening to the tape. Guesswork and accidental erasure are avoided. And you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that the beginnings and endings of all your tapes are unmarred.

The 830's many other operating features include: six-way bias/equalization; equalized peak-reading LED record-level indicators; two-way memory stop; switch-able multiplex filter; and Dolby noise reduction. In short, just about everything the demanding professional is likely to look for in an advanced design cassette deck.


Type: Single cassette tape deck

Track System: 4 Tarack, 2 Channel Stereo

Heads: 1 for Record/Playback; 2 for Erase

Tape Speed: 4,75 cm/s

Pitch: Control range +- 4%

Wow and Flutter : ¡¾0.035% (WRMS)

To DIN, playback only : +- 0,07%

To DIN, recording/plauback : ¡¾0,10%

Frequency Response (ref. To DIN tolerances):

Standard Fe Tape : 20 - 17,000 Hz

CrO©ü Tape : 20 - 18,000 Hz

FeCr Tape : 20 - 19,000 Hz

Pure Metal Tape : 20 - 20,000 Hz

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (with Dolby NR)

Fe Tape : 67 dB

CrO©ü Tape : 67 dB

FeCr Tape : 69 dB

Metal : 69 dB

Channel Separation (at 1000 Hz)

Between Stereo Channels : 40 dB

Between Channels (in opposite direction) : 70 dB

Erasure (at 1000 Hz): 70 dB

Oscillator Frequency (push/pull oscillator): 105 kHz

Inputs Sensitivity/Impedance:

Microphone Jack : 0,3 mV/5 kohm

Amplifier/Receiver DIN Jack : 1 mV/10 kohm

Amplifier/Receiver RCA Jack : 80 mV/47 kohm

Outputs Load/Impedance

Amplifier/Receiver DIN Jack : 0-580 mV/10 kohm

Amplifier/Receiver RCA Jack : 0-580 mV/2 kohm
Headphones Jack : 4 - 2000 ohm

Fast Wind Time (C-60 cassette): 60 sec.

Line Voltage: 115 volt and 230 volt

Line Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power Conssumption: 15 W

Dimensions (W x H x D): 440 x 150 x 360 mm (17,2" x 5,9" x 14,2")

Weight: 20 pounds

Listino:  Vendita: €300

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