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Offerta numero: 5026 Tipo: Offerta di apparecchio usato, hi-fi usato
Listino:  Vendita: €690
AKAI foto
Registratore a bobina akai per bobine da 27 cm
Condizioni eccellenti con imballo originale e manuale uso


Continuous innovation is the kernel of Akai's success. Follow the Akai's lead to a new concept in open reel decks and enjoy a deck which takes care of playback for you automatically.

The automatic playback system newly developed for the GX625 gives you a new route to easy, relaxed playback of any section from the very first note. Such accuracy has been impossible to date because of the very rapid rewind speed necessitated by the length of open reel tapes, and 10 1/2" ones in particular.

Working in conjunction with a new digital tape counter, repeat, playback, memory auto play and stop are all possible with this deck. A press of a button converts the tape counter indicator into a digital timer which indicates the amount of tape used in hours, minutes and seconds, up to 2 hours, 59minutes and 59 seconds.

Unlike more conventional decks, the GX-625 has an electronic brake controlled by a micro-computer type processor which is activated to slow the speed of rewind prior to the mechanical brake stopping the tape at the desired position. This novel device protects your tapes and ensures that playback will always begin at the very beginning of a selection.

Add to these new features the benefits of Akai technology and you will admit that this is a deck to make the fingers of even the most discerning of audio buffs itch to try it.


Track system: 4-track, 2-channel, stereo/monaural system
Heads: 1 x GX record, 1 x GX playback, 1 x erase
Motor: 2 x reel drive, 1 x capstan
Reel size: up to 10.5 inch reel
Tape speeds: 9,5 e 19 cm al secondo
Wow and flutter: 0.03%
Frequency response: 30Hz to 26kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio: 62dB
Total harmonic distortion: 0.5%
Input: 70mV (line), 2mV (DIN), 0.25mV (mic)
Output: 0.775V (line), 0.775V (DIN)
Dimensions: 440 x 446 x 241mm
Weight: 17.6kg

Listino:  Vendita: €690

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