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Offerta numero: 4937 Tipo: Offerta di apparecchio nuovo
Listino:  Vendita: €209
TEAC foto

Lettore CD, con porta USB play/Rec. Compatibile iPod da porta USB. Legge CD, CD-R/RW e MP3. Telecomando.

The full-featured CD-P650 from TEAC combines a CD player, with USB and iPod playback for a variety of playback in one component. It plays standard CDs as well as MP3 discs, allowing hours of playback from a single disc. The front panel buttons navigate through subfolders to find your music. Music is converted through a high-quality Burr Brown 1791ADBR with 192kHz/24-bit resolution. Compact discs are clamped onto a center-mounted drive mechanism for minimal vibration, reducing jitter distortion for clearer sound.

The USB input on the CD-P650 can be plugged into USB media for MP3 playback, as well as your iPod or iPhone. The iPod connection accesses your music digitally, bypassing the analog circuits of your portable device for the best-sounding playback. A full-featured wireless remote control is provided. For playback of your iPod, USB media and CDs, there's no better-sounding solution than the CD-P650.

Record to USB flash drive
The CD-P650 includes a feature to record audio CDs to USB flash drive in MP3 file format. This lets you transfer audio CDs to MP3 files easily, with no need for a PC. Users can select between 1x and 2x recording speeds and set MP3 file recording bit rates from 64, 96, 128, and 192 kbps to meet the needs of virtually any recording requirements.

iPod digital audio output feature Users can connect the digital audio output from an iPod to digital input devices (including D/A converters and AV amplifiers) to enjoy higher quality audio than possible with conventional analog connections. Output uses PCM format (44.1 kHz/16 bit) for compatibility with most digital input devices.PCM1791A Burr Brown DAC The CD-P650 uses the PCM1791A Burr Brown D/A converter, renowned for its fidelity, faithful audio reproduction, and excellent THD+N and dynamic range characteristics. The PCM1791A also plays a major role in rendering acoustic and soundstage characteristicsCenter mechanism construction The CD mechanical drive is center-mounted to balance the unit's weight and minimize vibration and resonance during playback

Playback of MP3/WMA files recorded to CD-R/RW or USB flash drive
MP3/WMA file ID tag (title/artist/album) and iPod information display
Only single-byte alphanumeric characters supported.
Program playback (up to 32 tracks), shuffle playback, repeat playback (single/all/program/A-B)
Dot-matrix Fluorescent Display
System (interlocking) functions with A-R630 integrated amplifier
Gold-plated analog audio output jacks for reliable connections
1/4 di pollice (6.35mm) Headphone jack with volume control
Infra-red Remote control

Listino:  Vendita: €209
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